Zerun Tian

Gomoku AI

Python pygame minimax q-learning

Gomoku, as known as Five in a Row, is a traditional chessboard game. We built an AI player using three different algorithms. I primarily worked on the Approximate Q-learning, where the AI agent can quickly learn the winning strategies and perform smartly after playing less than five rounds of the game.

Memory Allocator

C pthread best-fit split/merge

Wrote a custom memory allocator for the C language. The allocator was specifically designed to be efficient and safe for multi-threaded tasks. Memory can be allocated simultaneously on a CPU basis. To improve efficiency, some heuristics were applied to avoid fragmentation.

Trivia Game

Java Processing

Developed a text-based trivia quiz game and incorporated some visual elements and sound effects to make the game more interactive and engaging. For now, users can customize quizzes by modifying a JSON file from which the program read data. In version 2.0, adding a mechanism for managing quizzes through a user-friendly GUI would be ideal.

City I See Web Page

HTML CSS JavaScript

The City I See was an initiative of a non-profit organization in the Boston area. In the context of service learning, we were employed to design a website where organizers can convey their values and announce new events. Among all competing groups, we were nominated to showcase our website at the Service Learning Expo.
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